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International Student Program


Welcome to the Comox Valley International Student Program! 


This 2019/20 school year, Lake Trail is pleased to be hosting 3 international students, Grades 8-9 , from China and Vietnam. While some students are enrolled at Lake Trail for a single semester or full year, others will continue onto G.P. Vanier and through to graduation. These students are full immersed in Lake Trail programming, academics and extracurricular activity, such as sports teams and clubs. While some of these students have traveled here with members of their families, most of these students have been placed in home-stays with local Comox Valley families. By living with Comox Valley families, students are able to get an authentic feel for Canadian customs, culture and lifestyle. In return, the host families are given an opportunity to learn about different cultures and build international connections of their own.

During their time here in the Comox Valley, Lake Trail international students will be provided the opportunity to join international students from G.P. Vanier, Isfeld and Highland on many field trips. These field trips include whale watching, day trips to Mt. Washington, Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo, as well as an overnight trip to Tofino in the late spring (a perennial favourite!). In addition, Lake Trail will be hosting the ISP Halloween and Valentine's Day dances, open to all ISP students, their Canadian friends and their homestay siblings.

Later this year, Lake Trail will be hosting a short-term visiting group from Korea. These students will study with an English Language Teacher for a portion of their days and "buddy" with Lake Trail students, attending classes and enjoying the authentic experience of studying in a Canadian classroom.​

If you have any questions regarding the international program at Lake Trail, or inquiries regarding 1-on-1 student exchange opportunities for our domestic students, please contact our ISP support teacher Mr. Tremblay in the Art room or by email

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If you are interested in the CVISP "One to One Exchange" please watch the video clip. ​

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