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Aaniin, Gila'kasla, Hello

My name is Jeannine Lindsay and I am your child’s Aboriginal Support Worker at Lake Trail Middle School. I would like to say how happy and excited I am to be back at Lake Trail again and getting to know all of our Aboriginal students and their families. I am also thrilled to be able to share my cultural knowledge and academic background with your child and hope that they feel welcome and excited too!

A little bit about me. My traditional names are Aaabawasige and Gawala enuxw xwame’ and my given name is Jeannine Lindsay. I come from a rich heritage of Anishnabe, Cree, Irish and Scottish ancestry and am blessed to also be adopted Musgamadw Dzawada’enuxw and am very happy to be living in the Land of Plenty, K’omoks. I am very fortunate to have a cultural family and to have been able to travel and visit neighbouring Nations where I was able to witness their culture and customs as well as share mine. Growing up I was surrounded by amazing mentors who taught me everything from dream catcher making to jingle dancing, drum making and bannock making, bead work, traditonal medicine harvesting and the list goes on. Growing up being able to be proud of who I was and where I came from has led me to the work that I do now and I truly hope that I can help your child to feel proud of themselves and where they come from.

I am looking forward to sharing my cultural knowledge through projects, classroom presentations and school gatherings this year and welcome any questions, comments or suggestions. This year we plan on continuing our youth club ALOT: Aboriginal Leaders of Tomorrow and maintaining our communal meals as well as joint projects with other schools. We accomplished many cultural projects last year including building a traditional smoke house, smoking fish, elk and deer meat, learning to play Atlatl, creating miniature Big Houses to name a few and we hope to complete many more this year!

Please feel free to contact me via email or phone call or pop by to see me if you have time. I am available during regular school hours and hope to be able to help you and your child in any way I can. Have a wonderful school year!



Jeannine Lindsay

ASW Lake Trail Middle School

(250) 334-3168   ext 240​​