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Clubs and Activities

Archery Mondays and Wednesdays after school Ms. Harrison
Coaches Corner Thursdays @ lunch in Gym
Dungeons & Dragons Wednesdays and Fridays after school in Rm 211
Film Crew Tuesdays and Thursdays @ lunch in Rm 108 Mr Lantaigne
Fly Tying Tuesdays and Thursdays @ lunch in Rm 201 Mr Pattison
Games Club Wednesdays @ lunch in Rm 102
GSA Wednesdays @ lunch in Rm 103 Mr Horner & Ms Schultz
Improv Wednesdays after school in Drama Room Ms Schultz and Ms Harrison
Interact Club Fridays @ 1:45pm in the Library Ms Ell
Library Club Thursdays @ lunch Ms Lowe and Mr Parker
Student Council Thursdays @ lunch in Rm 207 Ms Harrison
Table Tennis Tuesdays @ lunch in Drama Room Mr Horner & Mr Black
Track & Field Mondays and Thursdays after school Mr Pattison
Weightlifting Club Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays @ lunch in Weight Room Mr Lafleur